TIER – Behave like an animal Embrace the wisdom of the wild! TIER encourages us to live in harmony with nature, just like the creatures that share our planet. Let’s adapt and thrive together for a greener future


Chioi – Vietnam Explore our collaboration with Chioi, a Vietnamese restaurant known for its culinary artistry. We crafted a brand video that takes you behind the scenes to witness the skill and passion in their kitchen. Get a taste of the artistry that makes Chioi a unique dining experience in our portfolio


Foodora Employee Branding – Pink DNA Join the passionate team at Foodora, where innovation meets flavor, and every meal delivers a smile. Be a part of our journey in the heart of Stockholm

Mister York

Mister York – Employee Branding We created an engaging employer branding film for MisterYork, showcasing their vibrant team and culture. At Framebrains, we utilized cinematic storytelling to highlight a welcoming atmosphere for potential employees. This project reflects our expertise in conveying compelling brand narratives


Farmer rain – Rainwear made to last Discover our collaboration with FarmerRain, where we created a brand video showcasing their durable rainwear collection. We highlighted the commitment to quality and longevity in every piece. Witness the essence of rainwear made to last in this project, now available in our portfolio.