Balck – Ethiopia

Balck – Ethiopia We produced a heartfelt documentary for Balck Coffee, narrating the story of a dedicated coffee farmer in Ethiopia and his collaborative journey with Balck. The video delved into the symbiotic relationship, showcasing how both parties thrive through mutual respect and shared passion for quality coffee. It invited viewers to appreciate the hard… Fortsätt läsa Balck – Ethiopia

Foodora – Riders

Foodora – Meet our riders We produced a video for Foodora, interviewing their riders about their experiences. The video shared the riders’ insights on working with Foodora, showcasing a day in their life. It offered a personal glimpse into the community of diligent individuals ensuring timely deliveries.

Foodora – Fafelle

Foodora – Fafelle We made a video for Foodora, visiting their customer, Fafelle. The video showcased the good relationship between Foodora and Fafelle, delighting food enthusiasts. It highlighted the convenience and satisfaction Foodora brings to local eateries and the community.

Hooked – Crowdfunding

Hooked – Crowdfunding We made a compelling crowdfunding video for Hooked, a plant-based foodtech company, showcasing their innovative vision. The video engaged potential backers, highlighting the importance of their sustainable mission. It helped fuel enthusiasm and support for their crowdfunding campaign

Primus – How to fix it

Primus – How to fix it We created a batch of how-to videoa for Primus, showcasing the ease of using their outdoor kitchen. The video provided clear steps, making cooking outdoors straightforward and enjoyable. It encouraged viewers to explore culinary adventures with Primus’ reliable kitchen solutions.

Balck – Nicaragua

Balck – Nicaragua We crafted a revealing documentary for Balck Coffee, chronicling the story of a committed coffee farmer in Nicaragua and her rewarding alliance with Balck. The video highlighted the shared passion for excellence in coffee cultivation, unveiling a narrative of collaboration and quality. It beckoned viewers to appreciate the harmonious partnership that refines… Fortsätt läsa Balck – Nicaragua

Balck – Costa Rica

Balck – Costa Rica We produced a touching documentary for Balck Coffee, unveiling the story of a diligent coffee farmer in Costa Rica and his fruitful collaboration with Balck. The video explored the mutually beneficial relationship, showcasing the joint endeavor towards cultivating premium coffee. It invited viewers to trace the journey of dedication and partnership… Fortsätt läsa Balck – Costa Rica

Primus – How to

Primus – Firestick We created a helpful video for Primus, demonstrating how to utilize their outdoor kitchens. The video showcased the simplicity and functionality of the setup, ensuring a delightful cooking experience amidst nature. It encouraged viewers to embrace outdoor cooking adventures with Primus’ reliable kitchen solutions.

MOVS – Getting started

MOVS – Getting started! We crafted an informative video for MOVS, guiding users on starting with their new e-bikes. The video demonstrated the ease of use and the initial steps to enjoy a smooth ride. It encouraged viewers to explore the city effortlessly with MOVS’ innovative e-bikes.